Exclusive Conference table

Large impressive conference table as a exclusive tree trunk table of Ancient Kauri wood

Large conference table as a exclusive tree trunk table single piece of ancient Kauri wood, high quality impressive wooden tables, handmade in Germany

Due to the size of the Ancient Kauri trees, impressive desk tops can be cut as a single piece from the tree trunk. These are particularly suited  for the production of large prestigious and

exclusive conference tables and high quality wooden tables, which leave a lasting impression with customers and guests.

High-quality and humidity-resistant finish

Massive Ancient Swamp Kauri table, unique high quality conference table, individually exclusiv wood or dining table

A massive Ancient Kauri table displays its beauty as a single uninterrupted piece of wood. The natural varied nature of this tree’s growth makes it a unique eye-catcher and contributes to

the exclusivity of an Ancient Kauri table. The pedestals are made individually. I vouch for the high-quality and humidity-resistant finish.

Naturally Ancient Kauri wood for confernce table, individually wooden tables, exclusive designer dining tables

The cut-out shows very nicely the expressiveness of the massive natural product wood. Grown in one piece, the solid Kauri wood shows all its beauty. The colour of the wood, each individual 

natural feature, the artistically naturally grown tree edge of the conference table tell their own stories and stimulate the imagination.