Modern Designer table

Exclusive Designer table from the root of an Ancient Kauri tree

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Exclusive designer table from a root

This Ancient Kauri wood table with a glass pedestal is a designer table for the discerning. The characteristics of the desk top with 

its lively wood grain and the filled-in natural features come into their own with the transparent glass pedestal. 

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This designer table impressively shows the original wood grain, from the surface to the edge of the desk-top.

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This unusual designer table from Ancient Kauri wood is timelessly modern. In the near area of the desk-top you see the fascinating natural characteristics of the root, which transition into the calmer regions of the main trunk in the distance.

I attach great importance to a high level of quality workmanship during manufacture. As the owner, you will enjoy an exclusive and valuable cabinetmaker‘s gem for a long time.

Kauri wood designer table with original wood grain, large tree trunk conference designer table single unit from Master Cabinetmaker, exclusiv unique designer wood table and large conference table

Designer Kauri tables from the root are exclusive eye-catcher

You can very clearly see the three-dimensionality of the wood, here in the left area. The waves in the grain and the transparent filling create the impression going from the shallows of a lake into the depths. Tables made from unusual and arresting woods like the unique Ancient Kauri are always an eye-catcher and a focal point within a room. I emphasise this by

the careful treatment of the artistic natural characteristics within the desk-tops. The designer tables are unusual and exclusive pieces of Master Cabinetmaker’s art.

The special characteristics of growth and grain have a high aesthetic value and they are evidence of variety and uniqueness in Nature.

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Exclusive Designer table from Ancient root Kauri tree, unusual natural modern table, unique table high quality dining table from New Zealand
Exclusive Designer table from Ancient root Kauri tree, unusual natural modern table, unique root table high quality glass pedestal
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