Kauri wood table

Ancient Kauri designer wooden dining table from the root ball

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I regard irregularities in the growth of the Kauri of wood as a work of art of nature.

Ancient Kauri wood cut from the roots reveals fascinating natural patterns and intergrowths in the solid desk-top. These characteristics lend a unique charm to the special designer 

dining table. The wooden table is characterised by a variety of original natural patterns and colours.


The golden elegance distinguishes Ancient Kauri tables from other woods.

Exclusiv Kauri designer table with a unique and rustic radiation, valuable designer table and furniture, exclusiv design dining table and conference table

Desk tops made from Ancient Kauri wood with large natural growths and cracks are rare. It is precisely because of organic growth that the table appears particularly natural and ancient. I’ve filled these rustic elements with a water resistant resin, so 

that you can, without hesitation, also use this piece as a dining table or in many other ways. Thus, the Ancient Kauri wood tables and designer dinning tables continues to „live“ on.

Ancient swamp Kauri wood table with organic natural edges und elements, particularly dining and wooden tables single piece

Each Ancient Kauri desk-top grew as a single piece, therefore each table has its own singular radiance and is a genuine original.

Luxurious Kauri wood designer dining tables handmade in Germany from a master cabinetmaker, individually unique designer dining table, special wood dining table

I can create a bespoke item for you too. Each creation depends on your wishes concerning natural growth patterns, size and pedestal, within the limitations of such a natural desk-top.

 If you so wish, the edges of the tree can be retained. This contributes to the natural radiance if the wood and reveals its genuine origin and beauty.