Exclusiv Root wood table

Original Ancient Kauri wood tables and exclusiv furniture as an investment

Exclusive furniture and unique Kauri dining tables by Beaupoil with glass as an investment, old trunk kauri desk tops exclusiv dining tables furnitures

exclusiv Kauri root wood table 240 x 100 cm

This original Ancient Kauri table by Beaupoil, with its rare root desk-top, has an outstanding natural beauty through its pronounced grain. Ancient Kauri tables are objects of art, and in times of financial crises, practical and lucrative investments. 

Due to the limited supply of the up to 50,000 year old trunk desk tops, Ancient Kauri tables will increase in worth. They increase the value of any room and are a eye-catcher that stimulates the senses.

Individually Kauri wood table root desk top with luxurious feel, valuable dining tables with organic natural charakteristics, luxury wood tables and individually dining tables

As a Master Cabinetmaker, I work by hand with the organic natural characteristics of each timber. The affectionate treatment of the Ancient Kauri desk tops reveals impressive "natural landscapes", softly polished here to give a luxurious feel.

Rare high end root dining table from ancient Kauri tree, high end wood tables and design furnitures as an valuable investment, designer wood and dining tables

Desk tops cut out from the root of the Ancient Kauri tree for a exclusive wood table or dining table are rare and very valuable. Special and unique items such as prestigious tables 

can be made from them. With my empathy and humility for this Ancient Kauri timber, I will craft a unique object that will accompany you for your whole life.

Designer Kauri Wood table and exclusiv furniture with history as natural objekts of art, designer dining and big conference tables from a large tree trunk single unit, exclusiv unique table handmade in Germany

Impressive natural landscapes in the desk top of the Kauri root table.

The original growth of the beautiful desk-top remains. No 

recesses prevent its everyday use. The special surface treatment helps create a table both suited for everyday life and for sumptuous dining.

Exclusive Kauri root desk top with beauty and unusual aesthetics, unique wood table art of nature, special handmade work, exclusiv unique wood table and dining table

Grown as one unit, this exclusiv desktop reveals its whole beauty and unusual aesthetics.

High quality wood table and luxury dining table from a special old Kauri wood as an valuable investment, high end wooden table and luxury dining table

Each Ancient Kauri table by Beaupoil is a genuine original and is assigned its own unique number.

Limited and long-lived Kauri tree trunk wood table, bespoke fascinating table and modern furniture, modern wood table with glass, exclusiv dining table

High-quality Kauri tables can used every day

Unique pieces of furniture and Ancient Kauri wood tables and dining tables are investments as collector pieces that grow in value.

The unusual history and nature of the excavated Ancient Kauri tree trunks and their limited supply are an indication that my furniture and unique tables will become collectors pieces and

safe investments. High-quality furniture represents durable and long-lived consumer goods that are a reliable security.


These Ancient Kauri tables can used in everyday life and provide joy due to their unique, natural desk-tops. The substance of the massive desk top will survive long into the future.

Unique pieces of furniture and Ancient Kauri wood table and dining table as an investment, exclusive root wood table