Tree tunk table

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Exclusive unique natural Ancient Kauri wood table from aesthetic tree trunk

A bespoke Ancient Kauri wood table, made to a customer‘s order, with a desk-top from the Miocene swamps of New Zealand and with a pedestal of steel. You can clearly see that this beautiful table-top was cut from a single large tree trunk.

Grown as a single unit and retaining its natural form, the large solid desk-top has a unique character which radiate power and energy. The natural grain lends a special note to the exclusive table.

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The impressive natural growth will be an incomparable eye-catcher for you, the owner, and with your guests. It is this that makes the Ancient Kauri wood so exclusive.

Speciel tree trunk wood tables with resin, bespoke wood table and large conference table as an eye-catcher, exclusive conference table with high quality

A unique eye-catcher is the cast natural waxing, whereby the width of the table top was adjusted according to the customer's wishes.